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Most financial advisers offer investment planning, some are good at it, others find it difficult as they are hampered by a restricted choice of funds or by linking to over-diversified model portfolios.

Simply offering investment planning is only partially effective at assisting clients, that’s why we provide a far more comprehensive suite of services as a wealth manager.

Our services are tailored to address wealthy clients’ key concerns:

1. Wealth preservation
You may have concerns about losing your wealth, it is important that financial setbacks do not put your lifestyle in peril.
The goal of wealth preservation is to produce the best possible investment returns consistent with the client’s time frame and tolerance for risk; this should be the primary area of focus for most financial advisors.

2. Wealth enhancement
Wealth enhancement is about tax mitigation: minimising the impact of taxes on investment returns while ensuring your family has the cash flow they need.
Reducing the impact of estate taxes and capital gains taxes is also a consideration. It’s no surprise that so many share these tax-related concerns, tax does eat up a great deal of wealth.

3. Wealth transfer
Effective wealth transfer is all about taking care of beneficiaries: finding and facilitating the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to your loved ones in ways that meet your needs with minimal difficulty and cost.

4. Wealth protection
You may have concerns about protecting your wealth against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses and potential ex-spouses and identity thieves – to ensure that any assets are not unjustly taken.
We facilitate the use of trusts and limited liability entities—that will help put your wealth beyond the reach of creditors and other parties who may seek to take it.

5. Charitable giving
Charitable giving comes with its own unique set of challenges—from selecting the appropriate means of giving, to selecting causes and specific organisations that will have the biggest impact.
We assist our charitably minded clients to navigate the charitable planning process.

Our service is, in every sense of the term, personal and comprehensive. We begin at the beginning. We look in every financial nook and cranny. We test assumptions and challenge preconceptions. We discover what you want out of life. As well as looking after your financial arrangements, we also want to do what we can to help you live your life to the full.

Like any new relationship, getting to know each other is not always straightforward. However, by the end of our first conversation, we’ll know if we’re cut out for each other.

Every new client soon discovers that we really are committed to improving their financial future in any way we can. Whether that means increasing your net worth over the years or ensuring that wealth cascades through the generations.

The majority of our clients come to us through the recommendation of a friend, colleague, or other professional advisers. We offer a second opinion service which is entirely free.

About 50 percent of our client portfolio comprises individuals who require their substantial investment/pension portfolios to be managed professionally and in such a way that their capital is safe and secure. In addition, they benefit from our IHT planning expertise which ensures that their wealth will be passed on to their loved ones at the lowest possible tax cost.

We attract owners of profitable businesses who not only want their business to grow but are also intent on accumulating considerable personal wealth. Many of our business owner clients have benefited greatly from our “Total Planning Approach”.

We Are Facilitators

Our network of third-party professional connections enables us to deal with almost every aspect of your financial planning, such as arranging wills, trusts, and complex tax planning.

Our Financial and Investment Planning
will Provide You with a Worry Free Future.

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Our Expert Advisors

Every client at UnaVida considers their adviser a confidant. We in turn, look on our clients as friends — people that we care about and want to assist in any way we can.

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