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“We offer top-rated comprehensive financial planning advice to business owners and wealthy individuals that is designed to both grow and protect their assets.” Ray Best, MD

Why clients choose us

Although we have a plush office, we don’t have a Picasso hanging on the wall.

Nor is there a photocopier printing out boring, never-to-be-read reports at a thousand sheets a minute.

You’ll quickly realise that we’re not here to show off or bamboozle you. We have a very clear focus on our work, which we take very seriously.

We’re here to help you or your business make money, save money, and become more resilient for the years ahead.

A first meeting to remember

The other thing that may surprise you when you meet with us is how much we already know about you and your financial arrangements, so the meeting won’t end with a vague promise to get back in touch soon.

Instead, we will have gleaned the critical information in advance, so that at our meeting we will have an inkling of strategies that can move you further forward in life.

So, when you turn up, we’ll be offering ideas and solutions that will help you or your business – not “Umms” and “Aahs.”

Decades of experience

We’re able to hit the ground running because we have decades of experience helping clients turn their dreams into reality.

As a result, we will take an overview of all your financial arrangements and find intelligent ways to restructure them so that they are optimised for stability and growth.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be retiree or a time-pressed business owner, what we won’t do is give you wishy-washy advice or a brick-thick dossier filled with hard-to-fathom suggestions.

We’ll offer straightforward, easy-to-follow, actionable advice that will help you make positive changes quickly. And we’ll make sure that we quickly connect you with a member of our team that you feel happy working with. Not being passed from pillar to post.

Our unique, systemised, ongoing solution

For business owners, we offer something very different from most financial advisers and corporate planning specialists, many of whom will walk away once they’ve handed over their report—job done. That’s not the way we do things.

Instead, we’ll set you up with proven tools and systems that will enable you to control your business’s financial arrangements on an ongoing basis.

That way, there’ll be no need for last-minute panic at financial year-end. Or endless hours of research trying to find the best tools on the market to keep your business running.

By combining our expert financial advice with the systems we implement, you’ll be in an incredibly strong position to plan for the years ahead.

The best call you’ll ever make?

If you’re interested in growing your business and your personal wealth, we’re the firm for you.

In fact, our records show that we’re able to help more than 70% of the people who come to see us. And if we can’t, Then we’ll quickly tell you so you can try someone else.

Your first phone consultation is always free; we don’t charge a penny for any initial feedback we give. You can explain your situation to us in complete confidence, and in return, we’ll give you some ideas of what we might do for you if you want to take the next step.

If you do, we’ll meet up in our (Picasso-free) offices and give you a more detailed breakdown of the solutions we’ve come up with, including any expenses you’ll incur if you decide to work with us.

The advice we give is not something that can be taught at school or picked up from books. Great corporate financial planning only comes from experience, which we have in abundance.

You may even have seen our MD sharing his knowledge about financial matters in print. When he’s not busy helping clients plan for a brighter future, he’s a regular contributor to financial forums.

Get to know Ray

It’s vital that you have confidence and trust in whoever offers you financial advice. We encourage you to take the time to get to know us and discover if we are the right fit for you.

Frequently asked questions

Find out what happens at your first meeting with us, how we operate, and whether we are suited to helping you.

What our clients say

Discover what our clients think of us and how we help them succeed.

UnaVida are trustworthy, honest, and reliable.

Jim (Hampshire)

Ray's philosophy to finance was aligned with ours.

Keith (Berkshire)

I look at Ray as a friend, rather than just an adviser.

Martin (Berkshire)

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Why choose us

Find out what we mean by the “UnaVida approach” and why we stand apart from most other financial advice firms.

jackie kawekwa
jackie kawekwa
Friendly and helpful
Mike Moorhouse
Mike Moorhouse
Having been with UnaVida for the past 10 years, now in these troubled times we have complete confidence leaving our financial affairs in Ray's capable hands. What we like is UnaVida are regularly in touch on a one to one basis which is very satisfying. For financial advice/ planning, UnaVida are the excellent with a direct line to Ray Best.
Elspeth Elson
Elspeth Elson
UnaVida have helped me over the last six years with pension, tax and financial planning. Ray Best and his team are knowledgeable, efficient and supportive with all financial issues I have needed help with.
Sarah Gooderham
Sarah Gooderham
UniVida has been great for us, providing the right advice just when we needed it. Having been strongly recommended by a good friend, UniVida has proven themselves to be friendly, patient and very knowledgeable.
Colin Steel
Colin Steel
Understanding the 'minefield' of financial management , with all of the legalities and thresholds is not easy for those who have spent their working lives in other industries. The comfort of having an Expert to guide you through all of the complexities is of paramount importance. Having met & known Ray Best, UnaVida, for several years before placing my complete trust in Ray's operation means security for myself, family in my retirement & future. Thankyou Ray & UnaVida.
Debbie Steel
Debbie Steel
Ray Best has a great understanding of the financial needs of his clients and enjoys helping them get the best returns on their financial assets.
mike elson
mike elson
Until two years ago our investments were through major banks and we had become used to being small fish in a large pond where we had very little influence on investment decisions or advice on overall financial management. Disappointed and frustrated we discovered a locally based IFA that provided a comprehensive financial strategy covering investment, pensions, inheritance tax, wills, and life planning. We now feel appreciated and more closely involved with regular reviews, newsletters, and personal contact. Our investment portfolio has performed very well even in the last difficult 12 months. Ray has also been able to offer us very useful advice on using our investments to help our 3 children when they needed financial support. We have no hesitation in giving an unqualified recommendation for Ray and his team at UnaVida. Mike and Maggie Elson
Mary Doran
Mary Doran
I have known Ray Best for years. If you want an IFA you can trust, you should contact Ray Best.
stuart self
stuart self
Ray has been my IFA for nearly 8 years now throughout that time under Ray's guidance the performance of the portfolio has been consistent and has provided both gains in capitol and an income . however this year has been exceptional and Ray has excelled in picking some prime investments and with good timing has significantly increased my capitol . Ray has always been very good at communicating his views on investments and with his news letters , not only a good read and interesting shows a deep understanding of what is happening in the financial world . i would like to thank Ray and his team for a great performance this year.


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A pension is a long-term investment that typically cannot be accessed until age 55 (57 from April 2028). The level of pension benefits offered could change depending on the value of your investments (and any income they may generate).

The interest rates in effect at the time you begin receiving benefits may also have an impact on your pension income. The tax consequences of pension withdrawals will depend on your unique situation. In later Finance Acts, tax rates, tax bases, and tax relief may change.

The opinions expressed by Ray Best are meant to inform and educate. Before making any investment decisions always take advice that is pertinent to your investment personality and financial situation.

You are aware that past performance will not necessarily be repeated in the future, but you should be aware that persistent poor performance invariably will.

The value of an investment and the income from it could go down as well as up.

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