What are your adviser charges?

Most of our clients are introduced to us by our professional contacts, people who know what we do and trust our judgement. When we meet new prospective clients that have not been introduced through our professional contacts, there is no automatic transfer of trust, so often the first thing on prospective client’s minds is, what are your adviser charges?

So what we say to most clients is that there are two costs in providing financial planning and investment advice: –

The first cost is, should you decide to hire a financial planner, the charges they make for their service.

The second type of cost is, the cost to the client in not taking advice.

A recent review of a DIY investor self-managed investment portfolio, has demonstrated that point succinctly.

There was a 20% difference between the performance of his portfolio and one of our model portfolios. The cost to the client of his poor investment management around £40,000.

How do our own charges compare, well obviously a lot less than that figure!!!

So if you do have a large investment or pension portfolio, and you are unsure about the benefits of taking on our adviser, you may want to contact us and ask about what we can do for you rather than how much we are going to charge.

What we can do is fairly subjective until analysis has been carried out on your financial arrangements, and that is why we offer a full refund of fees in the first three months of provision of our service, if you are not entirely happy with the service we provide.

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Ray Best is a resilient Financial Planner with a unique approach to investment planning, his work ethic has propelled him from humble beginnings to be voted as a top UK Financial Planner by Vouched For (as published in the Sunday Times). These days he works with families with large investment portfolios or big inheritance tax liabilities, the first step, is to book a Discovery Meeting HERE.

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