Presumption of death – Lord Lucan is Dead

Presumption of death – Lord Lucan is now officially Dead . There have been numerous “sightings” over the years of Lord Lucan, who dissapeared following the murder of the families nanny, whom it was believed was mistaken for Lord Lucan’s wife.

The scandal surrounding Lord Lucan’s dissapearance  has dissapated in recent years.

However Lord Lucan’s son wanted to inherit his fathers title but was unable to do so until Lord Lucan had been legally declared dead.  It is now official that Lord Lucan is dead and this has been declared following the new Presumption of Death Act 2013 which was passed in October 2014; after a lengthy campaign from the charity Missing People. It is now easier for families to apply for a Certificate of Presumed Death, which acts like a death certificate and means the estate can be administered.

So Lord Lucans’ son can now make a bid to inherit his father’s title.

The Act is also very useful in that it can dissolve a marriage or a civil partnership, which previously required a separate application. Whilst very few of us will come across such cases, it is interesting to know what legal hurdles and emotional barriers families need to go through to enable them to do the simplest of things, such as closing accounts and stopping letters addressed to their missing, presumed dead, loved one.

Whilst very few of our readers will ever have a need of the new Act, it does serve as a reminder for all of us to get our affairs in order – that means for many to stop talking about doing “something” about your out dated wills – DO IT NOW !


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