Investment Funds Tip: Follow the Manager

If you are an investor it can pay to, before investing, check whether the investment manager is still in place. In the news recently was the departure of the manager of the excellent Newton Asian Income. It clearly is a serious blow for Newton to lose someone of Jason Pidock’s talent and experience. Investors in Newton Asian Income should be considering whether to jump ship into another Asian income fund.

We have already pencilled in our alternative Asian Income Fund choices for our investment clients.

That is one of the differences between retail investors and professionals – investors follow the fund and professionals often follow the manager.

So while it must have hurt to lose an investment manager – what has it been like for one provider of a particularly successful fund who have lost almost the whole investment team?

This background information is vital if you are advising clients on where to invest, so we make a point of  looking out for fund manager movements to ensure that our clients are kept informed.

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