I Don’t Want to Retire !

I Don’t Want to Retire ! – This is often stated by people with retirement on the horizon, after being active for many years and concerned about what to do when they retire. However it is also often yet another excuse for not creating sufficient wealth for you and your family so that when you are ready to retire – you can choose whether to work or not.

So the way in which I normally respond is by saying – would you really like to carry on working, or would you like this as an optional choice? As even within say 7 years of your retirement date, providing you make smart choices with your money, you may be able to influence your future lifestyle.

Do you realise that more than one in ten people age over 65 are now in work, the highest number recorded since 1992 (when records began).

That equates to 1.2 Million people or 10.6% of the total of over 65’s.

Some of these people will have accumulated savings but are receiving very little in interest payments – so do something about it, other than leave your cash in the bank!

Experts apparently believe “That the increase in the number of over 65’s working should be seen as a sign of flexibility as companies are no longer able to force staff to retire”.

Yet whenever I see ladies over 65 working in a supermarket, I think they would rather be looking after their grandchildren.

People always try and rationalise their behaviour and abandon their dreams and pretend that they are happy doing what their financial circumstances force them do. I say wake up and smell the coffee!

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Ray Best is a resilient Financial Planner with a unique approach to investment planning, his work ethic has propelled him from humble beginnings to be voted as a top UK Financial Planner by Vouched For (as published in the Sunday Times). These days he works with families with large investment portfolios or big inheritance tax liabilities, the first step, is to book a Discovery Meeting HERE.

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