A Question for your Bank

A Question for your Bank – With the increasing amount of cyber-crime in this technological age, you would assume wouldn’t you, that your bank is at the very forefront of the fight against fraud.

Think again, somewhat astonishingly Santander bank allowed a celebrity “look alike” and stooge to con bank staff into allowing one of them to be added as a personal signatory to a television celebrity’s bank account by using a fake driving licence, and later stealing £120,000 from her account.

You may wonder how, in this day and age, this could occur?

The excuse by Santander, was that they had not installed the necessary equipment in all of their branches to detect fake driving licences.

The TV presenter, Gloria Hunniford, has since been compensated, but apparently was more upset that the accomplice of the thief, the so called “look alike”, looked nothing like her.

So I suggest that you ask your bank the question, do you have the necessary equipment installed in your bank to detect fake IDs?

When you have recovered Gloria, just a tip, the maximum you should hold in any bank account is £75,000 under the Bank Deposit Guarantee Scheme. 

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