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How to Select investments – Pin or PE Ratio ?

How to Select investments – Pin or PE Ratio? Investors who buy shares, often use the price/earnings ratio as a measure of selection. Using the PE ratio you can decide whether the price relative to earnings makes a share an attractive proposition. To calculate the PE ratio you divide the share price by the earnings […]

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Inheritance Tax Advice – take it early

Inheritance Tax Advice – take it early. According to estate agent Savills, the average price of a property within half an hour’s train ride from London now stands at £458,000.  If you add in other family assets, then this often means a large IHT bill would have to be paid. When an estate goes into administration, […]

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Avoid inheritance tax by giving my assets away…

“Ray, I understand that the only way to avoid Inheritance tax is to give monies to my children!” Well it is certainly true that many people want to reduce the amount of assets in their names so as to not only avoid inheritance tax, but also avoid paying for nursing home and care home costs. […]

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