Investment Planning

Financial and Investment planning can help you make the best use of your capital and get the life you really want

As with any investment made in life—a family, a home, a college education—the best results are achieved by carefully constructing a plan and then following that plan consistently over time. A well-crafted investment plan and investment policy statement provides a broad context for making important financial decisions and then prescribes a prudent investment philosophy and set of investment management procedures for achieving your long-term financial goals.

This document will clearly describe a range of critical factors that affect your financial decisions, including your investment goals and time horizons, your tolerance for risk (as measured by returns in bear markets and historic volatility), and the prudence and diversification standards you wish to maintain. Taking these critical factors into account, this document will also set forth an investment structure that details permitted asset classes and the desired allocation among those asset classes.

Clearly articulating your critical factors and our recommendations for achieving your financial goals in an investment plan and an investment policy statement has several important benefits:

  1. It helps provide long-term discipline to your investment decision-making. A well-conceived plan helps assure that rational analysis is the basis for your investment decisions, making you less likely to act on emotional responses to short-term or one-time events.
  2. It encourages our effective communication. Because it clarifies both the issues that are most important to you and the investment approach and strategy that will be used, it minimizes any misunderstandings that may arise.
  3. It allows both of us to accurately review your critical factors as they may change over time. Such evaluations may indicate that corresponding changes to your investment plan are called for.

In addition, this investment plan and investment policy statement will provide the foundation for wealth management—our ability to address the range of your financial challenges beyond your investments. Having a comprehensive wealth management plan in place allows us to systematically manage each of your major financial issues, which in turn maximizes our ability to help you achieve your most important financial goals.

The complete wealth management plan consists of three parts:

Part One is your investment plan. It provides an overview of your client profile, our consulting process, and our investment recommendations. It also includes brief descriptions of our fees, as well as our firm’s background and philosophy.

Part Two is your investment policy statement. It delves into substantially more detail on our investing approach, along with the strategic portfolio management process and how this links to your investment personality.

Investment Planning Meeting, to fully discuss how your investment personality supports our suggested strategy and to decide whether to proceed with our recommendation.