Financial & Investment Planning

Financial and Investment planning can help you make the best use of your capital and get the life you really want

Planning & Finance

Being in possession of a capital sum of money can be problematic. Striking the balance between preserving your wealth — and managing it to best effect — is far from easy. Ultimately, and in common with every other important aspect of life, to employ capital shrewdly takes time, expertise and a plan. It also requires impartial, expert and on-going advice.

How professional financial advice can help you achieve your goals

Any qualified financial adviser can advise on, and purchase, investment and wealth protection products for you. But in our view, a financial advisory service should amount to more than that. Having earned the client’s trust, the adviser should, if required, be willing to involved themselves in any situation that might affect their client’s interests. To that end, your Una Vida adviser will want to help you avoid making potentially expensive mistakes, be mindful of positive and negative events that could effect you or your family’s interests and, when necessary, provide a fully informed and objective point of view on any financial matter.

Professional financial and investment planning — the advantages summarised:

  1. Helps you see the wood for the trees
  2. Provides a clear and detailed financial road map and milestones
  3. Puts you on track for a prosperous retirement
  4. Keeps you focussed on the ‘end game’
  5. Helps you avoid potentially expensive or disastrous mistakes
  6. Takes full advantage of tax breaks
  7. Enables you to make more informed decisions
  8. Appraises the suitability of any existing financial arrangements
  9. Offers a made-to-measure investment strategy
  10. On-going monitoring of your plan’s progress and suitability