Business Financial & Motivational Planning

Financial Planning for Businesses

We develop strategies and frameworks that can make your business more efficient — and robust — than it is now

As you know, running a successful business swallows up a great deal of time. With the focus on sales, costs, cash flow and HR issues, it’s hardly surprising that some of the seemingly less significant and non-urgent aspects of business financial planning are either overlooked, or kicked into the long grass.

Here are several examples of corporate financial planning issues and situations that we’ve found almost always need attention:

  • Is the company correctly structured?
  • What kind of incentives and benefits would attract the people you need to attract?
  • Is the business positioned to take full advantage of tax breaks?
  • If things went very badly wrong, could the enterprise survive?
  • Is your surplus capital being employed to best effect?

The benefits of preparing an all-inclusive, comprehensive financial plan which takes full account of the business’s interests and the private financial arrangements of the Director and his family, cannot be over stated. (If you are a former business owner, you may be wondering whether or not your pensions and investments are being properly looked after and/or how much of your capital and other assets HMRC is going to remove from your estate when you expire?)

Our criteria for offering financial planning for business owners are:

  • you must be a controlling director of a trading company
  • the business makes a pre-tax profit in excess of £125,000 a year
  • you enjoy a high level of remuneration
  • you have high expectations in terms of your and your family’s lifestyle