Investment Markets Volatility

Investment Markets Volatility – How do you deal with the volatility of investment markets, the recent market unrest has demonstrated just how interconnected global markets are and how important for you to consider a global strategy before deciding on the direction of any investments. From the turmoil in China, to the global oil and commodity sell-off and the potential interest rate changes in the US and UK, there are plenty of factors currently to concern investors.

Recent reports indicate that UK based global players are struggling in the face of competition, reporting drops of up to 10% of turnover, even Entertainment One , a classic growth company, is struggling to meet its forecasts.

Surely the professional advisers who have advised sitting tight and doing nothing are looking pretty silly at the moment. One adviser on the sit tight bench even remarked “remember you have a financial planner”, a great comfort surely with the current global unrest!

To bring you up to date on investment markets:-

  • The FTSE 100 closed the day at 6,229.01, an increase of 82.91 points.
  • The FTSE 250 rose by 153.00 points to finish at 17,153.28.
  • The FTSE All Share climbed by 42.20 points to 3,428.69.
  • The FTSE AIM All Share finished at 736.30, up by 1.57p on the day.

We have stuck our neck out and advised clients to take action now to reduce the systematic overall market risk, we have also prevailed against the current trend into tracker funds – and suggested that investors should reduce equity exposure – and if investing stick to value investment propositions.

However investment markets are getting cheaper, so we think it is time to trickle back in – choose carefully however …..


Ray Best is a resilient Financial Planner with a unique approach to investment planning, his work ethic has propelled him from humble beginnings to be voted as a top UK Financial Planner by Vouched For (as published in the Sunday Times). These days he works with families with large investment portfolios or big inheritance tax liabilities, the first step, is to book a Discovery Meeting HERE.

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