Life planning – It’s easier to do nothing…

Why bother with any financial or life planning, it is easier to do nothing …… You don’t stand out and so that feels safer. It’s more comfortable because that is what most people do – nothing. The quick fix, the One Minute Manager , the 15 Minute Retirement plan – the easy solution …. Where […]

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Retirement Marathon

If you were planning to run in the Abingdon Marathon in October this year, then just to let you know that the entries are now closed. Running and training for a Marathon is a bit like preparing financially for retirement, starting your preparation early is advisable. Yet one in seven of those planning to retire […]

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Recent Election

This recent election has wound a number of people up and we received a number of panic calls from clients prior to the election. Should they sell up? After all, if Labour got in then the pound would go down. We told them not to panic and that contrary to the polls and the coverage […]

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